Buy Original Paintings Online

Art lovers know that buying paintings online is always a pleasure. One can freely zoom any corner, look at it from different angles and even take a tablet or a laptop to the wall to check if it fits the interior.

Another good thing – there is no need to withdraw cash and take this money with you – a few mouse clicks and needed sum has been successfully transferred to the seller and in a few day an artwork is delivered to your place.

Although, virtual criminals and scammers never sleep. It means we should be double more careful to avoid all possible traps and pitfalls. What does it mean? Want to get an original painting with a discount – try these tips:

Google for it

As soon as nice artwork is found and seller claims it is original – use browser search to check if anyone else is selling the same painting. Word search might not be as helpful as image one.

Open Google images, click on tiny grey camera and drag an image there. As soon as you drop it – you will see all available offers. Study them carefully to make sure you are not being scammed.

Ask for side view

Do not buy a picture if you have not checked a canvas. Ask for as many images as possible. The goal is to make sure they are not trying to sell you a printed poster instead of an original artwork.

Back side of any picture can rarely be purely clean. Wise thing is to get images of an artwork taken with and without flashlight.

Consult a pro

If you are not that good in fine arts, but tend to buy something worthy – you will need an advice from a professional fine art expert. Consult them before ordering a painting and set up a meeting so, that they were there when the artwork arrives.

With such support you will always win. Better spend additional funds for good advice than lose it all buying trash instead of good picture.

No full price

Never pay all sum before you see the painting, touch it and make sure it is real. There are cases that after receiving cash sellers vanish and people soon discover bright posters delivered instead of true artworks.

Make a deal to pay no more than half price. My advice is giving away 10-20% as up-front money and the rest of the some to sent with delivery company after the cargo is checked to be fine. A so-called cash on delivery method when both receive what they want.

Pay with credit card

Never complete big deals paying with cash. There are a few good reasons for that:

  • people know you have cash with you, and the more expensive is the painting – the higher is the risk of robbery.
  • in case of any scam revealed after receiving your painting – there is no chance to prove what you have paid for it.
  • money back option is possible if you pay with a credit card.

Too many things depend on which credit card you use for your daily needs. Recently too many cards promise good discounts on all types of purchases.

There are travel cards, that offer low currency rate, minimal fees for withdrawals and discounts for museum tickets. Effectify service will help you to find travel debit card which will be fully suitable in all respects.

Reward cards promise money back for every purchase paid with this card. But we are more interested in those that offer impressive discounts in numerous art galleries. Buying from one is always better than getting an artwork from  some stranger without name or address.

Check your credit card plan for benefits it provides. Maybe it is time to get a new one?