Top 5 Most Famous Oil Paintings of All Time

Why are these 5 paintings considered to be the greatest works of art of all time? Who created them? And what was the background?

In this article, we’re going to reveal the secrets of most powerful oil paintings of all times and places. So, keep reading to get to know which of the world’s famous oil paintings are the most disputable.

The History of World’s Most Famous Oil Paintings

  • Beyond doubt, the first place in our list takes «Mona Lisa» by Leonardo da Vinci. “Mona Lisa” is considered to be the greatest portrait of all time. It is one in a million painting, which inspires poetry and sculpture, appears in advertisements and movies. What is a secret? Someone believes that everything is in her mystifying gaze and magnetic smile. Others claim this is due to her revolutionary pose, which has become a standard for more than 500 years already. Though there is no consensus on this issue, “Mona Lisa” remains the most famous and admired painting all over the world.
    Mona Lisa
  • Vincent van Gogh and his «Starry Night» take the second place on our list. This painting was created about a year prior to the death of the artist. It depicts a small village in a mountainous landscape underneath a star filled sky. The sky takes the biggest part of the painting – 2/3. Scholars tried to explain the painting from different points of view. But still, no one can confirm whether it was based on Vincent van Gogh’s direct observations, his imagination, memories, emotions, or all of these.
  • «Girl with a Pearl Earring» by Johannes Vermeer creates multiple disputes and discussions. No one can agree whether the girl in the painting is turning towards you or away from you. Many people call this painting «Mona Lisa of the North». A dark flat background of the painting gives the illusion of 3-dimensionality.
  • «The Creation of Adam» painted by Michelangelo in 1499 is another great masterpiece in the world of art. Hundreds of years ago the theme of creation was a favorite subject of many artists. But only a few paintings became legendary. Michelangelo expressed in his own way the moment when man became a living soul. The painting shows the outstretched arm towards Adam and the face turned towards the source life as the flower turns towards the sun.

  • «American Gothic» Grant Wood is so famous that it has become a representation of a whole nation. The painting represents America, Middle America, and small-town America for many people. The painting, which seems to be very simple at the first sight, is very difficult in reality. It has a lot of meaning. It gives a sense of hard-working people, conservative aspects, and something archaic. And the painting has two kinds of reading –  political and historical.