Worldwide Famous Postmodern Paintings

All new art flows are usually revolutionary based. The postmodernism is not an exception, as far as it is a rebellion against the modernism and other previous streams.

The appearance of postmodernism is characterized by numerous offshoots such as postmodern, futurism, surrealism (characterized by a quote “truer” than reality”), pop art ( known as “low art”, mass-market consumption art), conceptualism, appropriation (rethought objects with transformation). Impressive isn’t it? And this is not a full list.  The period of active development was in the 1980s and 90s, after 1970s when modernism declined. The same now is going with postmodernism – it survives in conditions of a visible end and new art Epoque which will come sooner than we expect.

The postmodernism art flow presents its own referential content with some sarcastic and ironic form. From the thinking or philosophical point of view, postmodernism denies realism as well as modernism. It says that art is not about nature, but about a social world and its constructs, which art exactly is.

Andy Warhol – is a famous artist of this style. He uses exactly that mass-production I have described above. His pop art became very popular with a kind of flashback to the past.

Postmodern monroe

Other famous painter was Rene Magritte –  Belgian surrealist artist. His well-known works were Trahison Des Images (The Treason of Images, “This is not a pipe”), 1929 and The Son of Man (1964).

About the last, Magritte said that it hides the face partly well. The meaning is that things are usually hidden by other things, and we would like to see them, but the point we cannot. And our inquisitive interest creates a kind of conflict between visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.

 Vinicius Quesada – Human Blood Paintings

This horror painting Quesada made with the help of his own blood and urine. Most of his works depict apocalyptic scenery.

Another interesting works were devoted to politics. Any event in this sphere was sensitive to the postmodern flow.

President Elect, 1961 by James Rosenquist

President Elect, 1961 by James Rosenquist


Robert Williams – an American painter, founder of Magazine “Juxtapoz Art & Culture” – is famous for his Zombie Mystery Paintings made during the period of the punk rock movement.

Postmodern painting still remains ugly and misunderstandable by society. Though it is a uncrossed field to study both for art critics and for others. Art is an inevitable part of culture and it can be helpful and useful for the analyst of any industry. A psychologist can learn personality and attitude of people and modern art. PR and Marketing can find out this interesting and worth to be as a new viral ad. All in all, postmodern paintings are not only a bottleneck of society they also reflect a radical way of thinking.